• The Global War on Terrorism begins with you

    The Global War on Terrorism takes on many forms, ranging from kinetic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to more innocuous manifestations that people often take for granted. The role of the unit and individual often falls into the latter category. Unit and individual anti-terrorism measures can be

  • Metal, structural technicians keep Hurks airborne

    Have you ever gotten on a plane and had an overwhelming sense of dread? Have you ever been midflight and wondered, what is keeping this airplane in the air? If so then you might want to take a look at two shops tucked away in Hangar 418. At one end of the hallway, Aircraft Metals Technology

  • Dobbins EOR expert trains Airmen for inspection

    Chances are, if you're in a deployed environment, you may come into contact with some unexploded ordnance. With that reality in mind, what do you do if and when that occurs? Post-attack reconnaissance is a base-wide effort that manages the flow of information up and down the chain of command after

  • Retiree Activity Office provides advice, services

    The 911 Airlift Wing Retiree Activities Office is now open for business. The office, located in building 316 room 100, is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The RAO is a program focused toward helping retirees with their military benefits by offering help and advice with Tricare,

  • Support still needed for local Commissary

    Shop now for a bigger and better future. The C. E. Kelly Commissary has been approved to be co-located with the 99th Regional Readiness Command, Army Reserve, in Coraopolis, Pa. Retired Col. Chester E. Oddis, a member of the Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Job Retention and Military Presence,

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