• Putting some Perks back in the Burgh

    A combination ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony were held June 3, at the 911th Airlift Wing in Pittsburgh, for the new “Perksburgh Café,” a quaint little place many Reservists would say appeals to the senses. As you walk into the freshly-painted, contemporary looking café the first thing being attacked is the sense of smell from aromas of
  • Earth Day Coming Up Roses

    The 911th Airlift Wing commemorated its 11th annual Earth Day festivities April 25. The day began with a presentation on Green Buildings and Energy Conservation given by Indigo Raffel, the Education Coordinator from Conservation Consultants, Inc., located on the Southside of Pittsburgh. The base tree planting ceremony followed the presentation.
  • 911th medical units unite for training

           Typically, the 911th Aeromedical Staging Squadron (ASTS) and 911th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (AES) perform exercises in their separate and unique squadrons. Most recently though, they decided to unite in their efforts and engage in a mass casualty patient movement exercise.        Patriot Care 2006 instituted several exercise attack
  • 32nd deploys to Manas, Kyrgyzstan

           The 32nd Aerial Port Squadron deployed 21 Airmen to Manas, Kyrgyzstan in early January. This deployment is unique because Manas is one of four locations chosen by the 22nd Air Force, as opposed to a location being assigned to the squadron. Most deployments, Airmen don’t have a choice in where they go, however this one is unique for that
  • Regular flossing, good oral hygiene saves lives

           I am certain that many of you visit your dentist regularly and receive the lecture on brushing and flossing daily, but despite your good intent have failed to floss regularly. Now new clinical evidence gives you reason to try harder.        Recent studies in medical journals, like the Journal of the American Medical Association, link dental
  • Do you get SAD at certain times of the year? Seasonal Affective Disorder

           Some people suffer from symptoms of depression during the winter months, with symptoms subsiding during the spring and summer months. This may be a sign of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).        SAD is a mood disorder associated with depression episodes and related to seasonal variations of light. SAD was first noted before 1845, but was
  • Wing establishes first Reserve Enlisted Association Chapter

           Since 1948, the Reserve Enlisted Association (REA), inspired by the Reserve Officer Association (ROA), was an idea of repose until Sept. 3, 2003, when a conversation finally set the wheels back in motion and the REA became incorporated.        However, it doesn’t stop there. Although it was now incorporated, it had no charter or members.
  • Wing Celebrates Black History Month

           The 911th Airlift Wing presented a performance at the chapel, Feb. 11, honoring this year’s National Black History Month.        Master Sergeant Nancy Hornsby, 911th Family Services, put this year’s hour-long program together.        “Master Sgt. Hornsby put together an excellent presentation that was both entertaining and enlightening,”

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