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  • COVID-19: Supportive resources for wing members, families

    For many people this is a time of uncertainty and isolation. For those who may need assistance, there are several resources and individuals available to help you and your family during this time. I have included the 403rd Wing Resource Chart for you to reference which services are able to assist

  • Go beyond English

    As our military continues to be involved in joint and coalition training and wartime missions, we as Airmen are exposed to different cultures and languages. In most situations, when working with partner nations the two official languages used are English and French.  So you might ask yourself - if

  • Hovering Over Send Chapter 5

    My Uncle George is the most mellow man I've ever met....... He passed away last Thursday, 0300, quietly. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.I think I need to dedicate a couple weeks to Uncle George stories.Uncle George sang in the church choir. He didn't have a booming voice like my brother

  • Hovering Over Send Chapter 4

    My Uncle George is the mellowest man I've ever met. It's not a child of the 60's kind of mellow, or an "I don't care" mellow, it's just, well, Uncle George. I call him Uncle George, but he's really my great uncle. My paternal grandfather was significantly older than his youngest brother George and

  • Hovering Over Send Chapter 3

    I love Germany. I don't speak German. I don't drink beer. I don't like their politics. But, I love the food, the Autobahn, the cars, and, best of all, it looks a lot like western Pennsylvania. Although with a name like Hartman, I think it might be something genetic. So, when I found myself activated

  • Hovering Over Send Chapter 2

    Mike was my first aircraft commander. I showed up at Ellsworth AFB in January 1980, a brand new 2ndLt B-52 copilot and I suppose they found it fitting to match up the worlds' oldest, crustiest LtCol with the newest squeakiest Lt. At the time I thought Mike was ancient although he was probably 10

  • Hovering Over Send Chapter 1

    I have lots of books. I'm not really a book collecting kind of guy, but over 34 years I've accumulated a fairly substantial library. At home I have an office, or man cave in the current vernacular, although I don't have a TV. It's just my computer, my "I love me wall", and lots of bookshelves (If

  • This year's air show a celebration indeed

    Last year the Wings Over Pittsburgh Air show was on Father's Day weekend. This year we have the opportunity to honor all the area mothers by presenting the best air show on Mother's Day weekend. We are also commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Air Force Reserve Command, the 250th Anniversary of

  • October Commanders Corner

    October will be my last month with the 911th Airlift Wing. I've certainly enjoyed my two years here. I've been stationed at Maxwell, Keesler and Dobbins Air Force Bases and I can say, without any reservation, that Pittsburgh has been the most enjoyable place to live. The people here are the