• Recruiting...discovering options, changing lives

    Open the door to the Air Force Reserve Recruiting office at the 911th Airlift Wing, and you walk into a different world. Not because the building is different or the offices have changed; it's because a new senior recruiter has joined the Pittsburgh team. Heading up the team is Senior Master Sgt. Terry Lowe, the new senior recruiter last assigned
  • Canadian Snowbirds flock to Pittsburgh Mother’s Day weekend for 2008 air show

    We're all familiar with that age old adage, April showers bring...May Air Power! Okay, maybe that's not how the saying goes exactly. But come May 10 and 11, the 911th will host the 2008 annual Wings Over Pittsburgh air show, in a year that promises to deliver the most unique show yet. In Las Vegas, Nev. Dec. 11, 2007 during the International
  • The final three

  • Maintenance Squadron, others conduct annual fuel tank evacuation exercise

    If a friend or loved one was unconscious and inside a space just large enough for one person, do you think you could get them out? Do you think you could provide enough self-aid/buddy care to sustain their life until the proper emergency responders arrived? That's just what the Airmen at the 911th Maintenance Squadron, 911th Security Forces
  • Operations Group hosts on-base Combat Dining-In

    If you had looked into Hangar 129 after the unit training assembly, Sep. 8, you may have seen a strange sight; Airmen in uniform spraying each other with squirt guns, lobbing pieces of bread into the air and water balloons being launched. In fact, had you wandered further into the hangar, you may have been squirted yourself. With camouflage
  • Two local Airmen commissioned, last Reservists for AMS

    The last class to complete the six-week Academy of Military Science, located at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, Tenn., graduated Sep. 14 as newly commissioned second lieutenants. Twelve reservists in a class of 97officer candidates received their commission. The first year a reservist received a commission from the academy was in October
  • Security Forces compete in Rodeo at McChord AFB

    Three members of the 911th Security Forces competed at the Air Mobility Rodeo 2007 held July 22 to July 27 at McChord Air Force Base, Wash. Tech. Sgt. Michael Boehning, team chief for the 2007 Pittsburgh Security Forces team, led Staff Sgt. Raymon Bouyer and Senior Airman Shannon Hilderbrand in three competitions designed to test security,
  • Civil Engineering helps out Navajo Indians during annual tour

    Imagine being homeless, or perhaps having to live in a home where there is no running water, no electricity; hot in the summer, cold in the winter and has holes in the roof. Imagine being stuffed with your family in one bedroom, or having to live in what most people would call a shanty, lean-to, tool shed or outhouse. Hundreds of American Indians

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