In 1990 I was appointed to my first position in municipal government with the Borough of Heidelberg, Allegheny County, as the Secretary/Treasurer.  The Borough had a population of approximately 1,200 people, is about a third square mile in size with a budget of around $425,000.  After serving in Heidelberg for four years, I moved on the Castle Shannon Borough where I served as Assistant to the Manager for two years and then moved into the Manager’s position for five years.  Over the next eight years I worked in municipal government on an interim basis in both finance and management roles.  These short time appointments were to help municipal government entities through some rough times until the proper staff could be put in place. 

Today as the Manager of Moon Township, I believe that 25 years in municipal government has given me not only strong administrative skills in management and fiscal planning but also possess the dedication and characteristics that are required to deal with day to day operations, personnel management, labor relations and fiscal operations of a municipal government.   I have found that if you concentrate on interpersonal and team building skills it will create a positive atmosphere and in turn that promotes a positive attitude to the community. 


      Commander, 911th AW             Vice Commander, 911th AW
       Col. John F. Robinson                          Col. Jay Miller

AFRC Chain of Command

Chief, AFR and Commander, AFRC
Lt. Gen. Richard W. Scobee

Deputy to the Chief of the AFR
Maj. Gen. Hubert C. Hegtvedt

Deputy Commander, AFRC
Maj. Gen. John C. Flournoy, Jr.

AFRC Command Chief Master Sgt.
Chief Master Sgt. Timothy C. White, Jr.

Mobilization Assistant to AFRC/CC
Maj.Gen. John P. Stokes

Mobilization Assistant to HAF/RE
 Maj. Gen. Eric S. Overturf