Winner: Evangelina Johnston, 8 years old

Congratulations to the winner of our Young Eagles Essay Contest: Entry 2, Evangelina Johnston! She will get the opportunity to take a flight with aerial performer Sean D. Tucker in his Team Oracle aircraft while he's in town for Wings Over Pittsburgh.

Click below to read her essay as well as the runner-ups, who will get to meet Sean D. Tucker!

Finalists: Age 8-12

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    What would I do if I could fly? I would make sure I would have enough fuel to fly all the way around the world, helping people as an aviation missionary. I would deliver first aide supplies, food, school supplies. I think I could also help my country, maybe in the Air Force. Keeping my country safe.

    I would learn so much about science, math, aviation history, weather and safety. I would also like to take passengers to different places around the world. I would always be extra careful. Making sure everyone buckled their seatbelts before we would fly. I would also have the best mechanics checking the engine. Maybe I would learn to be a great airplane mechanic too. I would also make sure I land in the right place. No matter whout. I will always honor my country and the men and women who serve to keep it safe.

Finalists: Age 8-12

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Dear Shawn Tucker. Remember me and my mom and if you don’t remember my name is (removed for anonymity). You are friend with my grandpa, his name is Alex. I really want to fly because I all ways wanted how it feels like in a plane and I fly drons, helicopters and rc cars. We have one plane we want to custom like your oracle bi-plane and I all ways wanted to be in the skys Shawn remember Alex flew in Mig-29 and other Russian jets. And I want to be air-show plane my company will be called the batman squad with jets.

    I am (removed for anonymity), I am in 4th grade, and I am almost 10 years old. I am totally obsessed with NASA and astronomy, so if I get to ride in this aircraft, maybe, I could see the land from a new perspective. I come from a family of travelers, and I have successfully been across the country to Oregon and California. Each summer I also visit Canada so I have been to many different places! Flying in this aircraft would change my life, because, I have always wanted to explore the world. Flying would be a dream come true!  

    My life is an adventure. Each day is a new adventure to conquer! The exciting thing about life is that you never know what is coming next so I am so excited to find out if I win or at least make it to the final six!

Finalists: Age 13-17

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    Growing up I have always dreamed of flying high above the ground experiencing the sensation of peace mixed with thrills and excitement.  Aviation combines all of the things I love: math, science, freedom, and adventure.  My enthusiasm for flying grows every day knowing that I am closer to experiencing the magic of flight. 

    Being able to take a seat in the cockpit with Sean Tucker would provide the opportunity for me to connect a real world experience with my future studies in aviation and live out my dream to fly.  This experience would kick off my aviation career, and what an amazing way to start that career!  My goal is to join the small population that has earned their pilot’s license.  This license would provide me with the opportunity to fly and travel with the United States Air Force, where I can serve my country while also supporting and giving back to the community.

Ever since I was old enough to walk I would look for adventure and challenges, so why stop now?  The adventure and challenges associated with flight intrigue me and fuel me to continue learning.  Sitting in the cockpit with Sean Tucker, an aviation icon, would be a lifetime experience that would intensify my passion for flight and fuel my sense of adventure.  This opportunity would provide me with a unique real world experience that directly supports my future dreams and goals.

What would I do if I could fly? I would fly to all of the greatest cities in the world. My first stop would be France. I would fly to the top of the Eiffel Tower and look over the beautiful lights of the city at night. I would then fly east to Asia. I would visit the city of Taipei and see what it’s like to stand on top of the eighth tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. Flying back over the Pacific Ocean, I would take a pit stop in California to see the Golden Gate Bridge. The vibrant red would be beautiful to see from above. Making my way east across the Unites States, I would stop in St. Louis to fly through the iconic St. Louis arch. Continuing on my journey, I would stop in “the city that never sleeps,” New York City. I would make my way through the city by weaving in and out between the many skyscrapers in the city, like the superheroes do. Flying out of the city I would make my way to the great city of Pittsburgh. I’d flyover the city witnessing the two great river, the Allegheny and Monongahela, become one and form a magnificent sight. The Point would look gorgeous from above. Finally I would make my way up to the border of the United States and Canada. I would stop to see the excellent Niagara Falls. The reflection of the sun on the water would form an exquisite rainbow to fly through. Flying to all these places seems tiring, so then I would make my way back home to Pittsburgh and take a nice long nap.


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