Looking back on another successful year

  • Published
  • By Col. Patricia S. Blassie
  • 911th Mission Support Group Commander
When I was selected to serve as the 911th Mission Support Group commander, I
knew it was a great honor. From my perspective, it has been a greater honor to work with you this past year. With the Air Force Core Values as our foundation - serving our great Nation together, bringing our unit, our Wing, to even greater heights.
Those who have had the courage have openly described this past year as a "Whirlwind," or as the "Perfect Storm." Another said, "What a ride!"
No matter how you view this year while I was in command, I want you to know that I view this year as one of the highlights of my career and here's why...
We learned together. We grew together. We laughed together and, oh yes, there were some tears along the way.
We confronted the difficult issues in a fair and balanced way. We learned to respect diversity, while adhering to protocols and long standing traditions.
We changed for the better, sweeping away mediocrity; expecting only what is best for the people, for our unit, no matter how hard we had to work - because we have come to know "nothing good comes easy."
We learned to support one another even when we agreed to disagree. We faced the UCI in a calculated manner, pulling through as a team with flying colors. Then one month later we put on a world-class air show that people are still talking about today.
We won high-level awards, recognized our superior performers, promoted those who were deserving and successfully deployed and re-deployed personnel without incident.
Most importantly, we honored and recognized our families because without their support, where would we be?
Collectively, we moved, and continue to move, in the right direction. .
We have worked to improve our processes. We are working to place the right people in the right positions. We understand the value of being mentored, and mentoring others, in order to ensure all can positively progress within our great organization.
We understand the importance of attaining wise counsel. Always.
We trained hard, using our skills and experience, second to none.
We worked to embrace fitness as our lifestyle since it is a condition of employment. There is a deepened sense of pride within our unit as we help one another pass the Fit to Fight Test.
We expertly managed the change that came our way. We've come to understand it's not what happens that matters, because things will always happen. What matters is what you do with what happens.
So, yes, I agree with those of you who said this year was a "Whirlwind," as well as those of you who called this year the "Perfect Storm."
I also agree that this year has been one heck of a ride! And, not just because of what we accomplished, but because of YOU.
We worked hard. We played hard. We got to know each other and without a doubt, we made one heck-of-a-team!
I will always remember our time together. I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to serve with you, along side you.
I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally for all you have done, for what you are doing and for what you will accomplish for our Air Force in the days to come.
Don't ever stop striving for the best. Press on for the good of our great Nation; for the good of the people as a whole; for the good of those whom we love.
I will miss you. But I will never forget.
May God bless you and yours in every way in the days to come.
A Proud Salute!