On the student hire program

  • Published
  • By Garrett Cilli
  • 911th Airlift Wing

Looking back, it is so hard to believe that nearly three whole months have passed since I started my internship here at the 911th. My first day was one of apprehension and uncertainty, but my concerns were unfounded. I was met with outgoing and extremely friendly people from every office and building I visited, and I was struck by the impressive integrity and kindness of the individuals on base. When my internship began in early June, I could not have even begun to imagine some of the experiences I would have during my time at the 911th. My tasks ranged from scanning promotion documents in the Career Development Office to picking up packages from FedEx for Captain Demaye. Each day saw me performing something new, which was certainly one of my favorite aspects about working at the base.

My internship here has been an enlightening time, especially since I was fortunate enough to participate in several ‘Enrichment Activities,’ such as a Parachute drop and the Active Shooter Exercise in the Naval Operational Support Center building. These enrichment activities gave me insight into the lives and duties of many individuals on base, such as the hard-working port dawgs at 32nd Aerial Port Squadron and the technicians at Aircrew Flight Equipment.

My only regret about this summer is that I was only able to get computer and email access at the tail end of my internship. Mind you, I understand very well the necessity of mandating background checks and the like, however, if the student hire program is continued in the future, I might recommend a more expedient process so interns can get access earlier in the summer. Much to my chagrin, I was unable to fully assist my supervisors in Career Development until I was able to wade through extensive bureaucratic policies and gain computer access. The other student hires, as I understand it, were not as fortunate as myself and did not gain access at all during their internships. At any rate, as I go back to college for the school year, I take with me not just a bolstered respect for the United States Military, but also an appreciation for the incredible individuals that work within it.