Remain focused: "In-Compliance" our only option

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Prospero Castellucio
  • 911th Airlift Wing Performance Management Office
     An In-Compliance grade on a Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) is well within the grasp of all 911th Airlift Wing units. During a UCI, inspectors evaluate compliance with Public Law and Department of Defense and Air Force directives. The UCI team will use a three-tier grading system: In-Compliance, In-Compliance with Comments, or Not-In-Compliance. Here are the steps to success: 

• Start preparations early. The road to success begins five to seven months prior to the inspection date. Commanders should assemble their unit’s key players early. By being proactive, units have time to fix problem areas. Some units may need to overhaul their records, provide necessary training or upgrade security investigations. 

• Use the checklists.
At the 22nd AF Web site:, units can find the checklists used by the evaluators. These checklists will help you determine your unit’s compliance with programs in many different support areas, as well as Air Force-level special interest items (SIIs) at the AFRC Web site: 

• Conduct regular UCI preparation meetings. Unit leadership should meet frequently with their program managers and division chiefs to address potential deficiencies and set suspense dates for corrective actions. 

• Monitor self-inspections closely. An Outstanding rating can be achieved only when the unit complies with nearly every inspectable item. Double check each item before crossing it off of the self inspection checklist. 

• Remember your results from our 22nd AF Staff Assistance Visit (SAV), August 19-23, 2004, and build upon them. Everyone has a tendency to believe a problem is fixed within their own program. Make sure by reviewing your SAV observations. 

• Take “oral exams.” Units should conduct mock interviews to help personnel prepare. By giving members the opportunity to verbalize answers and talk about their programs, they will approach the inspection with increased confidence. 

• Know your strong programs as well as your weak ones. Be sure that members talk up programs the unit is proud of. If a program is weak, demonstrate how the unit is getting it up to speed. 

• Research current UCI trends. In addition to UCI checklists, the HQ AFRC/IG Web site: provides access to reports from all past UCIs. 

     With this resource, units can learn more about trend areas to help focus their efforts. By taking these steps, you can assure yourself success on the next UCI, scheduled for May 30 - June 4, 2006.