All-inclusive discussion: AFRC chief diversity and inclusion officer visits 911th AW

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Brandon M. Shuman
  • 911th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Diversity and inclusion: these two words have been a hot topic in our society for many years, but what do they really mean?

“It’s an all-inclusive discussion, not just race and gender,” said G. Lee Floyd, Air Force Reserve Command chief diversity and inclusion officer. “We will not continue down the path of further dividing us as an organization by merely talking about and looking at race and gender. We’re going to talk about diversity and inclusion from all spectrums, from all aspects of diversity.”

Diversity and inclusion, at its core, is about making people feel that they are valued, that their contributions matter regardless of what boxes they tick on a census form.

“We’re trying to take race and gender as being our primary lines of focus off the table,” said Floyd. “We know that race and gender are two of the most visible areas of diversity that are attacked and approached, but more so we want to start focusing on diversity of thought and diversity of background.”

Floyd is touring across the country at the directive of Lt. Gen. Richard W. Scobee, Chief of the Air Force Reserve, to address Air Force Reserve commanders on their initiatives in the area of diversity and inclusion. The discussions are taking place as a result of current affairs such as increased racial tensions, a high-stakes election, and an unprecedented global pandemic.

“We’re going to ensure that diversity and inclusion are ingrained into the fiber of everything that we do in this command,” said Floyd. “But more specifically, we want every Airman, every junior noncommissioned officer, every senior NCO, every officer and every civilian to know and realize and appreciate that they are valuable members of this team.”

Floyd was asked to visit the base by 911th Airlift Wing Commander Col. John F. Robinson.

“We brought Mr. Floyd to the 911th AW because of his dynamic perspective in delivering Gen. Scobee’s intent on diversity and inclusion,” said Robinson.

Floyd had the opportunity to speak with leadership around the 911th AW and see first-hand how the base did on the topic of diversity and inclusion.

“I believe the 911th [AW] is well on its way to establishing an extremely healthy diversity climate,” said Floyd. “It’s already healthy, but it’s getting healthier.”